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For over 20 years, Principal Attorney E. Gregory M. Cannarozzi of the Oradell, New Jersey-based Law Office of E. Gregory M. Cannarozzi, Counsellor-at-Law, L.L.C. , has provided superior traffic defense solutions to the residents of Oradell and the surrounding cities and counties of New Jersey: Bergen, Passaic, Hudson and Morris, as well as New York City and Rockland county New York. In addition to the above practice areas, Attorney E. Gregory M. Cannarozzi aggressively defends clients charged with drug offenses, disorderly conduct and sexual assault. Please visit Attorney Cannarozzi’s biography page for a list of services offered.


New Jersey traffic lawyer E. Gregory M. Cannarozzi is an experienced trial attorney who is skillfully aggressive and is always thinking one-step-ahead for the legal benefit of his clients. This approach has resulted in excellent case results. The following are case examples Attorney Cannarozzi has successfully battled, and won, for his clients in a court of law:

  • Defendant accused of DWI and careless driving. Result: On probable cause motion case dismissed with prejudice.
  • Defendant accused of fictitious plates, failure to possess driver’s license, driving with no insurance, driving unregistered vehicle, improper display of plates and maintenance of lamps. Result: Guilty plea only to maintenance of lamps, failure to possess driver’s license and unclear plates (no points no license suspension).
  • Defendant accused of serving alcohol beverage to underage individual (N.J.S. 33:1-77). Result: Guilty plea to town ordinance only.
  • Defendant accused of possession of CDS and possession of paraphernalia in Violation Of Probation. Result: Dismissal of all charges on motion with prejudice.
  • Defendant indicted for third degree theft (second offense) in Superior Court. Result: Extended probation and restitution with no incarceration.
  • Defendant accused of Possession of CDS and Possession of Paraphernalia (N.J.S. 2C:35-10(a)4 & 2C:36-2). RESULT: Dismissal of all charges on motion.
  • Defendant accuses of 3rd Degree Theft of Services (N.J.S. 2C:20-3A) (second offense) indited. RESULT: Plea of guilty, extended probation, non-custodial.
  • Defendant accused of possession of CDS (cocaine and mj) in auto. RESULT: Plea of guilty to local borough ordinance of violation for disturbing the peace, with fine only.
  • Defendant accused of careless driving caused when he collided with two other cars. RESULT: Guilty Plea only to Obstruction with minimal fine.
  • Defendant accused of failure to yield to pedestrian and expired registration. RESULT: Guilty plea to failure to make proper observations with minimal fine and dismissal of expired registration summons.
  • Defendant accused of disorderly conduct disorderly persons offense with zero tolerance. RESULT: Guilty plea to borough ordinance with minimum fine permitted.
  • Defendant accused of driving with no insurance. RESULT: Dismissal on Motion of summons no court costs.
  • Defendant accused of cell phone offence #2. RESULT: Plea to unsafe operation, no MVA points accessed.
  • Defendant accused of underage DWI, reckless driving, driving with expired license, unsafe lane change, failure to present proof of insurance and failure to provide proof of registration. RESULT: Dismissal of DWI, plea of guilty to careless driving, dismissal of all other summonses.
  • Defendant accused of driving while suspended based on DWI, reckless driving, unsafe lane change and careless driving (speed of over 150 mph). RESULT: License suspension of one year and one day, minimum fines, dismissal of reckless driving and ten (10) days of SLAP. (in lieu of incarceration).
  • Defendant accused of being under the influence of CDS (marijuana). RESULT: Dismissal of all charges, no court costs.
  • Defendant accused of 3rd DWI and Refusal. RESULT: On motion, with interlock device and medical expert, both DWI and Refusal dismissed.
  • Defendant accused of driving with fictitious plates. RESULT: Dismissal of all charges, no fines, no court costs.
  • Accused of DWI and Refusal. RESULT: Dismissal of both DWI and Refusal, plea to unsafe operation only
  • Accused of leaving scene of accident with unattended vehicle. RESULT: Dismissal of summons with no court costs
  • Accused of possession and intent to distribute prescription legend drugs, (Passaic County) 3rd degree offense. RESULT: PTI NO PLEA.
  • Accused of DWI with reading of .231. RESULT: On motion, suppression of Alcotest (breath reading) results, Sentenced to 3 month loss of driving privileges with minimum statutory fines and penalties.
  • Accused of passing school bus. RESULT: Obstruction with $103.00 fine
  • Accused of criminal possession of alcohol. RESULT: Ordinance violation with $35.00 fine
  • Defendant charged with speeding, 133 m.p.h. in a 65 m.p.h. zone, and reckless driving. RESULT: Dismissal of all charges by court order.
  • Accused of promoting prostitution. RESULT: ordinance violation, fine only
  • Juvenile accused with 2 other minors and 2 adults of criminal possession of alcohol in a car. RESULT: Dismissal of all charges
  • Accused of illegal lane change, driving with no license and driving while suspended based on out of State DWI. RESULTS: $539.00 fine only, no additional suspension, no jail time, dismissal of other 2 summons.
  • DWI and careless underage drinker. RESULTS: Dismissal of DWI, plea to careless driving only
  • Criminal trespass and underage possession/consumption of alcoholic beverages. RESULT: all charges dismissed, no fines, 10 days community service.
  • Criminal weapons possession. RESULTS: downgraded to disorderly persons offense and dismissed with prejudice and without court costs.
  • Shoplifting, 3rd Offense. RESULTS: PROBATION.
  • Indictable DWI with Personal Injuries. RESULTS: PROBATION.
  • DWI with Property Damage. RESULTS: DISMISSAL.
  • Leaving Scene of Accident. RESULTS: DISMISSAL.
  • Driving with no insurance, 3rd Offense. RESULTS: FINE, NO INCARCERATION.
  • Driving with no insurance and driving with suspended license second offense. RESULTS: Minimum fine only no license suspension.
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia. RESULTS: No loss of driving privileges.
  • DWI & refusal. RESULTS: Dismissal of refusal -1st tier DWI with minimum fines and penalties.
  • DWI & careless driving. RESULTS: Dismissal of DWI without a trial, plea to careless no license suspension.
  • DWI, baby DWI, Refusal and Criminal Consumption in a MV. RESULTS: dismissal of all charges with only a plea to 1st tier DWI, and $686.00 fine.
  • Arrested for driving while suspended, leaving the scene of accident. RESULTS: plead guilty to failure to report accident and parking adjudication act violation with no license suspension.
  • Arrested for shoplifting 3rd offense (mandatory jail). RESULTS: plead guilty to theft (dp), no jail, fine only, no license suspension.
  • Accused of Criminal Trespass. RESULT: Probation 6 months. no fine, no loss of license, no community service.
  • Speeding: 105 m.p.h. in a 65 m.p.h. RESULT: $256.00 fine, no suspension.
  • DWI with accident: Blood and Urine. RESULT: careless driving, DWI dismissed, no suspension.
  • Accused of driving with no insurance and driving while suspended, 2nd offense due to no insurance. RESULT: Plead guilty to expired license, fine only, no suspension of driving privileges, no jail, no community service.
  • Accused of shoplifting Passaic county. RESULT: Petty disorderly persons offense.
  • Accused of speeding 75 in 55 GSP by pace. RESULT: On motion, dismissal of all charges.
  • Accused of speeding 75 in a 25 residential area, and careless driving. RESULT: Careless, 2pts, speeding 2pts, minimal fines, NO license suspension.
  • Minor accused of possession of false I.D. and underage drinking. RESULT: Dismissal of underage drinking, fine and no loss of driving privileges based on mitigating circumstances.
  • DMV HEARING, proposed 180 day suspension. RESULT: No Action taken by NJMVC due to extenuating, mitigating circumstances.
  • Defendant accused in NY of failure to yield to emergency vehicle. RESULT: Parking violation $50.00 fine. No court costs.
  • Defendant accused in NY of misdemeanor aggravated unlicensed driver. RESULT: Reduced to violation of unlicensed driver, $85.00 fine.
  • Defendant accused of criminal harassment, N.J.S. 2C:33-4; RESULT: Trial to a conclusion in superior court with acquittal and dismissal of all charges.
  • Defendant accused of leaving the scene and failure to report. RESULT: Dismissal of all the charges with no cost.
  • Defendant accused of 3rd DWI within 10 years of 2nd. RESULT: Dismissal of all the charges with no cost.
  • Defendant accused of driving while suspended, third (3) offense (mandatory jail). RESULT: Driving with expired license, fine only.
  • Defendant accused of driving with expired license and driving with no insurance. RESULT: Fined for driving with expired license and registration, no suspension of driving privileges.
  • Defendant accused of illegal u-turn, equipment violation and failure to exhibit proof of insurance. RESULT: Fined for equipment violation and failure to exhibit ins. card, only.
  • Defendant accused of criminal mischief, criminal harassment, leaving scene of accident, reckless driving, unregistered vehicle and use of fictitious plates; RESULT: Guilty plea to 2 counts disorderly conduct, fines and penalties of $1,400.00, all other charges dismissed, no license suspension, no community service.
  • Defendant accused of reckless driving, driving with no license, driving off paved highway, failure to present registration, and insurance card, co-defendant, accused of allowing; RESULT: Defendant plead guilty to failure to present proof of registration, no fines accessed, $22.00 court costs only, all other summonses dismissed as to all defendants.
  • Defendant accused in NY of criminal possession of property 4th degree, grand larceny 4th degree, possession of CDs 7th degree; RESULT: Plea of guilty to possession of CDs, no fines/penalties; all other charges dismissed, conditional discharge after 1 year.
  • Defendant accused of criminal possession of prescription drug not in defendant's name, under the influence of CDs, failure to maintain lane, refusal and DWI; RESULT: Plea of guilty to first tier DWI (3 Month license suspension), conditional plea to refusal (on appeal); all remaining charges dismissed; minimum fines and penalties accessed.
  • Defendant indicted for 7 counts of possession and intent to distribute CDS: Oxycodone; RESULT: Participation in Drug Court with outpatient participation, in lieu of 10 years in State Penitentiary.
  • Defendant accused of allowing unregistered  and uninsured operation of ATV, in violation of N.J.S. 39:3-4, and N.J.S. 39:6B-2; RESULT: 60 day suspension of driving privileges with minimum fine and court costs.
  • Defendant accused of, Felony complaint Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the 3rd Degree weighing 5 grams or more (13 grams of MDMA); Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the 7th Degree (misdemeanor); Controlled Substance in non-original container (violation); Unlawful Possession of Marijuana (violation); and
    Speeding (V.T.L. 1180D; RESULT: Guilty Plea to speeding, 80 hours community  service, all remaining charges dismissed.
  • Defendant accused of, DWI (blood) (NJS 39:4-50), leaving scene, careless driving, failure to yield; RESULT: DWI blood results dismissed on pre-trial motion, guilty to first-tier DWI, failure to report (no license suspension), with minimum fines and penalties.
  • Defendant accused of Violation of PTI (failure to complete out-patient program, subsequent arrest for indictable offense); RESULT: Dismissal of violation of PTI, (for substantial compliance) no fines, no penalties.
  • Defendant accused of two (2) driving with no insurance (NJS:39:6B-2) offenses, expired license, failure to yield, with two (2) accidents reported; RESULT: Dismissal on pre-trial motion of all (2) driving with no insurance charges, dismissal of expired license charge, guilty to failure to yield (minimum fines and penalties).
  • Defendant accused of possession of drug paraphernalia (NJS 2C: 36-2) and underage possession of alcoholic beverages, RESULT: Dismissal of paraphernalia charge, guilty to underage possession of alcoholic beverages, NJS 2C: 33-15 a, with minimum fines and no license suspension.
  • Defendant accessed of Refusal to submit to breath test, DWI, Failure to maintain lane, Criminal Possession of CDS, and Under the influence of CDS; RESULT: Guilty to 1st tier DWI, conditional plea to Refusal, all other charges dismissed. On appeal to Superior Court, Bergen County, ordered: dismissal of Refusal, no interlock device, no IDRC.
  • Defendant accused of Driving with No Insurance (N.J.S. 39:6B-2), careless driving (MVA with personal injuries) and failure to exhibit proof of registration; RESULT: Dismissal of driving with no insurance AND careless driving, fine only on failure to exhibit.
  • Defendant accuse of underage DWI and careless driving; RESULT: Dismissal of DWI, guilty plea to careless driving with minimum fines and penalties.

Traffic defense Attorney E. Gregory M. Cannarozzi places a premium on client communication and confidentiality. To Attorney Cannarozzi, maintaining the relationship he develops with his clients is a top priority: promptly returning phone calls, answering emails with immediacy, and keeping his door open to clients at all times. Traffic defense Attorney E. Gregory M. Cannarozzi provides his clients with legally savvy trial tactics and a 24/7 commitment to accessibility and tested legal advice.

If you or someone you know in the New Jersey or New York Metropolis needs the assistance of an experienced traffic defense lawyer, contact Attorney E. Gregory M. Cannarozzi of the Law Office of E. Gregory M. Cannarozzi, Counsellor-at-Law, L.L.C., at (866) 784-2285 or via his convenient contact form to schedule a free consultation with an experienced New Jersey traffic defense lawyer.


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